Pregnancy Diaries: The ‘Best’ Trimester

Natasha Malpani Oswal
6 min readFeb 7, 2023

The Second Trimester: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

You’re constantly told that this is the best trimester. And maybe it is.

Your fatigue and nausea has vanished, your energy levels are back to normal. You feel more like yourself than you’ve done for months after the tsunami of hormones- and you’re finally free to travel!

Now that you’re feeling safer, you’re ready to make some moves. You go on holiday. You move houses. You work out. And just as you really relax, you have one truly scary fall that makes you realize you can’t afford to let go just yet. Once you’ve ascertained everything is okay- thankfully!- after beating yourself up- you’re back to the rigmarole of even more doctors appointments and elaborate tests.

You hadn’t processed that as the baby grows, there’s also more that can go wrong.

The scans continue- and you’re still holding your breath out of the ‘danger’ period. You uncover that there are a host of problems you haven’t thought about: genetic defects, uterine pressure, placental positioning, fetal size. And you thought scans were just about seeing the baby kick and listening to its heartbeat.

From the outside: managing pregnancy seemed so simple. What really is expected of you besides exercising and eating well? But what does that look like in practice? You want to exercise but you’re also told to be careful until your placenta rises. When you work out, you worry about putting too much pressure on the baby. You love the inversions and stretches of yoga, but it sure as hell isn’t making a difference to your increasingly thickening thighs. On the food front, you’ve been waiting for that baby bump that seems to be the only image in popular culture associated with pregnancy. At first, you put on almost no weight- and people comment on how you’re just the same. And then suddenly- you balloon. At six months, you’re looking like you’re eight. Your ribs and back hurt as you make space for the baby. You can’t sleep, you can’t lie down comfortably. But at least the baby is growing right?

And then you get told to pump up that protein: your baby is on the smaller side. You obsess over getting enough protein- even though your diet is now so restricted. You freak out about listeriosis, a disease you’d never…



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